Individual Stone Carving Tuition

In addition to weekend stone carving courses, I am also happy to offer individual stone carving tuition to those who prefer to learn on a one on one basis. This will be equally as intense and hard work however I will be able to monitor your progress more thoroughly throughout the day and give you a [...]

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Stone carving day at Rawlins College

A couple of weeks back, I spent a day in Rawlins Community College in Quorn in Leicestershire. As ever with events like these, you are never quite sure how the day will pan out, not in terms of what the kids are capable of, as they are generally great, but more in terms of what [...]

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Welcome to my stone carving (and other stuff) blog site !

Welcome to my 1st ever blog post. Hopefully you will have visited where you will have seen images of my sculptures and the sort of stuff that I get up to including courses and work in schools etc. I hope that this blog site will allow me to post up to date pics of [...]

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