New sculpture installed today….

I installed this sculpture in Market Warsop, Nottinghamshire today. It was a tricky operation as the site was by the stream in a particularly boggy part of the Carrs (a kind of park come nature trail). Usually, I can just turn up with a hi-ab lorry and drop it in place. Today, I hired a hi-ab [...]

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Chip chip chip chip chicken……………….

Despite having fun with a camera phone, a scruffy chicken and a nice piece of Kilkenny Limestone, I have in fact been carving a headstone this week. I realise that most "proper" lettercutters like to put their stones on an easel but I have always carved mine almost flat. Although I have carved many inscriptions [...]

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What will happen to the sculpture ?

I was sad to hear that the Astra Zenica Pharmaceutical Plant down the road in Loughborough is going to close resulting in about 1000 job losses. My 1st major sculpture commission was for Astra Zenica and as far as I know is still there. Astra  used to regularly commission artworks from Loughborough art [...]

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