Shattered visitors create mini masterpieces

Earlier this week I was joined by Shona and Mark who had come along to do a days stone carving. The day was a surprise birthday present organised by Mark and Shona was completely in the dark until she was outside my workshop. Fortunately she was really up for it and the pair were soon [...]

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Mussel sculpture was inspired by giant catch.

During my spell in Llandudno last week I was able to look out over the impressive Conwy estuary from my lofty post in Marl Hall Woods.  As I did so, I cast my mind back a few years to when I was commissioned to make a sculpture for the quayside in Conwy. As part of [...]

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New sculptures in Llandudno woods

What a busy few days. Last week I travelled to Llandudno in North Wales where I worked in Marl Hall woods carving 11 way markers. I did cheat slightly, managing to carve 5 in the workshop before installing them in the woods. The others were carved into existing limestone rocks (of varying quality) and walls in the [...]

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Stone carving weekend a success

Congratulations to those who took part in the latest stone carving weekend. There were some impressive efforts ranging from a boggly eyed lizard, some thunderous angry clouds, a hugging couple and a beautifully carved piece of lettering. Despite a few aches, the students worked extremely hard so that their creations would be finished by 5 [...]

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Fairytale is over

Back to the workshop today, sadly the stone carving fairies did not come while I was away and much carving needs to be done. I have just returned from a holiday which started in beautiful Brugge and ended in Wassennaar in Holland. During the visit, I stumbled accross the massive bronze sculptures on the sea [...]

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