Hardwick Hall sculpture nears completion

I am still working on the sculpture for Hardwick Hall which I am hoping to complete tomorrow. It will be unveiled at the Festival of the Outdoors this sunday at the National Trust property in Derbyshire. In conjunction with this I will be giving a short talk about the piece as well as some of [...]

Hardwick Hall sculpture underway

I have spent the last 2 days at Hardwick Hall working on a new sculpture which will eventually be sited near the entance. It has been commissioned by Junction Arts through the Limestone Journeys Project. The piece is inspired by a workshop that we ran last week, in particular a small clay model that one of [...]

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Slate memorial a fitting tribute.

I recently installed a memorial for a young boy who very sadly died aged only 8. The memorial celebrates his love of surfing, represented through the shape of the stone and the waves at the bottom and also through the design of the lettering on the lower inscription. It also incorpoartes a small emblem of him playing the [...]

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