29 Flowers Sculpture blooming in Hathern

The giant stone sculpture, entitled “29 Flowers” is settling very nicely into its Hathern home in Leicestershire. I popped over to see it at the weekend now that the groundworks around the piece are complete. The public artwork was installed in March having taken the best part of 6 months to create. Weighing in at a whopping 8 tonnes, the 3 metre tall piece was inspired by the wild flower meadows that surround the new development in North West Leicestershire. It forms an impressive welcome to the estate and is also visible from the nearby A6. It is carved from Woodkirk Sandstone, a tight grained stone from Morley near Leeds that is available in very large block sizes. Even with those, this sculpture required 4 blocks at almost 4 tonnes each to achieve the required size.

I have titled it “29 Flowers”. I was asked by a reporter, towards the end of the project if there was title for the work. At the time, there were 29 completed flowers on the sculpture, hence the name. Subsequently I carved a few more so but the name had already stuck !

29 Flowers