I revisited Castlebeck Park in Sheffield earlier this week where I installed a series of smallish pieces last year. On arrival I was saddened to find that the park in which they are sited had become derelict and overgrown. This is especially tragic as thousands of pounds had been spent on the revamp including beautiful new stone walls around the park, a cobble stone trail and maze, new play equipment, signage and of course the sculptures. The designs for sculptures themselves were inspired by children from the nearby Sheffield Park Academy, what a shame that they can barely be seen for long grass and rubbish. Apparently when the work was completed on the site, there was a contractual dispute between the contactors who worked on the park and the council with no-one prepared to carry out the maintenance. Consequently neither party has been anywhere near the park since its completion. What a shame for the residents around the park, the kids who would have used it and for all of those kids who were involved in the sculpture project to see their efforts gone to waste. If anyone is listening, sort it out.