Bevin Boys finally honoured

The Bevin Boys were finally given the recognition they deserve today when the memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire was unveild today by HRH the Countess Of Wessex. The event was attended by dozens of Bevin Boys from all over the Country while the National Press were out in big numbers to mark [...]

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Bevin Boy memorial to be dedicated

A couple of years ago I created a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum  in Staffordshire for the Bevin Boys. The Bevin Boys were conscripted to work down the mines during the 2nd world war but were never officially recognised for their part in the war effort until very recently. The memorial was installed with [...]

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Lettercutting in stone

At the end of last week I came across an inscription that carved a few years back. It is carved into a beautiful old piece of slate on both sides and has weathered very nicely. It is possible to carve inscriptions into pretty much any stone although natually some carve more easilly than others. Stones [...]

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A tomb for Richard III

I am delighted to announce that I have been working with the Richard III society with a view to creating a tomb for the former King. You will remember that his remains were recently recovered from the Social Services car park in Leicester. It is almost certain that he will be interred in Leicester Cathedral, [...]

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Slate memorial a fitting tribute.

I recently installed a memorial for a young boy who very sadly died aged only 8. The memorial celebrates his love of surfing, represented through the shape of the stone and the waves at the bottom and also through the design of the lettering on the lower inscription. It also incorpoartes a small emblem of him playing the [...]

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Sculptures nearing completion.

As you can see I have been very busy lately completing these 2 sculptures. The foreground sculpture is for the Church of the Holy Nativity in Newcastle and will be installed in the next week or so. It is carved from Portland Limestone and represents peace through the carving of the olive branches, if you [...]

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memorial mobile unveiled

Last week the sculpture that I have been working on with Cornish Artist Peter Fluck was unveiled in a private garden in Leicestershire. Peter constructed the mesmeric mobile which was attached to the triangular Kilkenny Limestone base that I carved. The base contains an inscription, a short poem, which spairals around the stone. Peter and [...]

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Chip chip chip chip chicken……………….

Despite having fun with a camera phone, a scruffy chicken and a nice piece of Kilkenny Limestone, I have in fact been carving a headstone this week. I realise that most "proper" lettercutters like to put their stones on an easel but I have always carved mine almost flat. Although I have carved many inscriptions [...]

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