Human Stone Sundial ready for installation

Stone sundial complete
I have been working on a giant Human stone sundial for some months. Although work was temporarily postponed due to carrying out the work on the Scout Memorial Project, I have now been able to complete the carving of the 22 stone giant timepiece. The stone sundial has been commissioned by the Woodland […]

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Wildflower sculpture begins

Giant boulders arrive for new Wildflower sculpture
Last week saw me take delivery of 4 boulders that I have stacked up to form the 3 metre tall starting point for a new wildflower sculpture. Weighing a total of 14 tonnes, the Woodkirk Sandstone lumps will take 3 to 4 ¬†months to shape into the completed piece. […]

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Scout Memorial ready for installation

Scout memorial complete
In December last year I began the carving work on the Scout Memorial which will be installed in the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire next week. The sculpture will sit on a green granite, 8 metre diameter base and consists of 7 large stone sculptures carved to replicate a Scout campfire scenario. The […]

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Stone sculpture gift for 25 year twinning anniversary

Stone sculpture to commemorate 25 year exchange.
I was honoured to be asked to create a stone sculpture to commemorate the 25 year exchange between Castle Donington Football Club in Leicestershire and Union Sportive de Gasny in Northern France. The two towns have been running the exchange visit since 1991 and last week saw 56 adults […]

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Scout Memorial Project photographs

Scout Memorial Project nearing completion.
I have been working on the Scout Memorial Project for a few months now and am currently carving the last of the 7 large blocks that will form the circular memorial to be sited at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. I am delighted to have just received a number of […]

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Guinea Pig Club Memorial

A new Guinea Pig Club Memorial
I am delighted to announce that I have been asked to create a memorial to the Guinea Pig Club.

The Guinea Pig Club, was established in 1941, it was a social club and mutual support network for British and allied aircrew injured during World War II. Its membership was made up […]

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Carved stone Scout ready

Stone Scout leader almost complete
The carved stone Scout leader that I have been working on since Christmas is almost complete. The resting figure forms part of a larger memorial for the Scout movement which is going to be unveiled at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire in June. The sandstone figure in the sleeping bag […]

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Rearsby roses installed

Carved stone roses  installed
Driving through Leicestershire the other day, it was great to see that the carved stone roses that I carved for a new housing development had been installed. I worked on the 25 Rearsby Roses carvings early last year but they have only recently been fitted into the brickwork in the new houses […]

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Scout Memorial leader emerges from the rock

Scout memorial latest
I have been making good progress carving the first figure for the Scout Memorial which will be installed in the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire later this year. The figure is of a Scout leader, sitting up in his sleeping bag and he will be joined by 3 younger scouts, resting or sleeping […]

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Scouting Memorial Project update

Scouting Memorial Project latest images

Work on the Scouting Memorial has begun in earnest. Some of the larger stones for the project were delivered to my workshop shortly before Christmas and as you can see, I wasted no time removing the bulk from one of them. There are 7 large stones in total which […]

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