Scouting Memorial Project update

Scouting Memorial Project latest images Work on the Scouting Memorial has begun in earnest. Some of the larger stones for the project were delivered to my workshop shortly before Christmas and as you can see, I wasted no time removing the bulk from one of them. There are 7 large stones in total which will [...]

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20 years of making stone sculpture

Anniversary of stone sculpture workshop. This is me, 20 years ago, on the 4th December 1995, opening the doors to my tiny workshop at the Ferrers Centre of Arts and Crafts at Staunton Harold in Leicestershire. My early days were spent carving small pieces of sculptural garden furniture such as seats, birdbaths and sundials before [...]

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Carved stone ruck sack and walking boots update.

Carved stone ruck sack almost complete As you can see, I have been working on the stone ruck sack that will form part of a large memorial sculpture for the Scouts. The sculpture will be located at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire and commemorates anyone who has ever served in the Scouts. Unveiling will [...]

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The story of Tom and how he made it onto my sculpture.

"Tom", not "Torn" This is a stone sculpture that I made back in around 2009, I drove past it the other day. It is in a village called Ansley in Warwickshire. I remember a meeting that I had with members of the local community to discuss potential themes for their sculpture at the [...]

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Work begins on a memorial for the Scouts

I am delighted to say that work has finally begun on a new memorial to be sited at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. The memorial commemorates anyone who has served in the Scouting Association, be it Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Venture Scouts. I have been working on this project for over 12 months so [...]

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School sculpture workshop a hoot!

I have just completed a week long residency in Dunchurch Infant and Nursery School near Rugby. I spent 5 days in the school, generating ideas and working with the children to design the work and then to carve the Portland Limestone Sculpture. The 1m tall piece was carved with the help of all 180 children [...]

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Time for a new sculpture

I have just begun work on a new project to create a huge human sundial. The giant sandstone clock will consist of a central stone on which a person will stand. On a sunny day their shadow will project in the direction of one of the 20 stones situated in a 15m diameter circle around [...]

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Sculpture mussels in!

"Mytilus Edilus", the mussel sculpture that I carved in 2007 for Conwy Quayside in North Wales continues to make impromptu television cameos. Last week I spotted it on Terry and Masons Great Food Trip as the 2 peckish hosts made their way around the ancient Welsh town. Previously the 3 metre tall Kilkenny Limestone artwork [...]

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Huge turnout for Armed Services Day

Yesterday I attended the National Memorial Arboretum where Armed Forces Day was marked with services, parades, a fly past and a number of other events attended by over 4000 people. It was a terrific occasion and it was great to see so many people taking the time to look at the Naval Service Memorial that [...]

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Granite Quorn sculptures installed.

The sculptures for the site in Quorn in Leicestershire were successfully installed a few weeks ago. The ideas for the 6 granite sculptures were inspired by the local community and the resulting works include carvings of  muntjac deer, foxes, bats and wild flowers which are bedding in nicely into the new flower meadow created as [...]

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