An easy one for Mitcheson

I may as well have turned up to last weekend's stone carving course in my slippers. Of the 5 people who came along, 4 had been on previous courses while Alan, who had'nt picked up a stone carving chisel proved himself more than capable of wielding the mallet with confidence. All seemed more than happy [...]

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White horses and Stone Carving Courses

I was driving through south Leicestershire on the M1 earlier today and decided to stop off in Lutterworth to see how the horses were bedding in. I installed them earlier in the summer. They are made from white concrete and white limestone and are set into the grass bank that faces you as you approach the [...]

Stone Carving Course a triumph for persistence

5 very tired people left my workshop on Sunday evening, taking with them with some terrific carvings that they had created over the course of the previous 2 days. Among the creations were Jamie's dragon head, Sue's flowers, Gerry's Macintosh inspired releif carving, Richard's bowl and Llynda;s wonderful hare gazing up to the moon. I am always [...]

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Sculpture busts tools.

Well, holidays over and back to carving the giant granite cricketer. This is definately the hardest stone that I have carved in almost 20 years of chiselling. Already it has accounted for a number of tungsten tipped chisels, seen the back of at least 3 diamond blades and yesterday bust the handle on my poor [...]

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“KP”s switch hit immortalised!

The cricket sculpture is coming on well. Despite its incredible toughness, it does cut nicely and is allowing me to whittle away at the impressive left handed batsman as he crashes the ball through the covers. Despite originally being a right hander, the granite sportsman has adopted the "Kevin Pietersen" style switch hit, mainly on [...]

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Stone Carving Course Dates

I will be running a couple of stone Carving weekends in the coming months. They will be on the 14th and 15th of September and on the 12th and 13th of October. They will run from my workshop at Hall Farm near to Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire. The courses are aimed at beginners [...]

Horses and courses

The stone carving course was a success last weekend with some stunning creations. Well done to those who came along, among the carvings were a Brancusi style head and a naked torso in Ancaster Limestone, an Australian Bull frog and a hugging couple in Portland Limestone and a beautifully crafted piece of drapery carved in sandstone. The next [...]

Saturday, Sunday, Monday….

That was a crazy few days. I spent saturday at an exhibition in Quorn in Leicestershire where the work produced by local children and adults from the workshops that we have been running was on display. The exhibition, part of the public art project to produce some large scale public art works for a meadow in the [...]

Lots of rain and a bolt of lightening on the stone carving weekend!

The latest stone carving course was a hit in spite of the cold and wet weather which meant that we had to light the log burner - in May ! Those who took part kept warm by working their socks off for 2 days a variety of stone sculptures including a spiraling fossil, a lizard, [...]

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Some new projects.

Now that the kinght is finished I have a few other projects to get my teeth into. This week I have been carving some Army Unit Badges. They are carved in deep relief from Portland Limestone and are due to be mounted within a wall.   If you fancy carving your own piece of Portland Limestone [...]