Garden sculpture throwback

Garden sculpture was something that I began my career making prior to creating large scale public art and memorial works. Going back 20 years, I would regularly sell garden sculpture such as birdbaths, sundials, stone benches etc. These would be bespoke designs and I would regularly sell them at venues such as Hampton Court Palace [...]

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Stone sundial installed in Leicestershire

Giant Stone Sundial installed in Leicestershire The enormous human sundial that I have been working for some time has finally been installed in its location in a field on a Woodland Trust owned site in North West Leicestershire. The stone circle consists of 20 carved sandstone elements depicting, not only an hour, but also a [...]

Human Stone Sundial ready for installation

Stone sundial complete I have been working on a giant Human stone sundial for some months. Although work was temporarily postponed due to carrying out the work on the Scout Memorial Project, I have now been able to complete the carving of the 22 stone giant timepiece. The stone sundial has been commissioned by the [...]