Garden sculpture was something that I began my career making prior to creating large scale public art and memorial works.

Going back 20 years, I would regularly sell garden sculpture such as birdbaths, sundials, stone benches etc. These would be bespoke designs and I would regularly sell them at venues such as Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, the Country Living show at the Business Design Centre in Islington and the RHS Show at Tatton Park. Recently, I was asked to make the birdbath in the image. The writing reads “Hirundines Deviant” or ¬†“Swallows Swallow” and is carved into a block of undulating Woodkirk Sandstone.

Although my time is mainly spent on large scale works these days, I am still more than happy to undertake these smaller private commissions for  functional Garden Sculpture. I will be happy to look at the space you have in mind for your work and design something that will hopefully fit perfectly.

The images show the recently completed Woodkirk stone birdbath and an Ancaster Limestone sundial from 1998. The sundial reads “Time is but a moving shadow”.