New mosaic and stone sculptures installed in Leicestershire

I have been helping Nottinghamshire based mosaic artist Julie Vernon with some new mosaic and stone sculptures for a housing development in Syston in Leicestershire. The colourful tile mosaics are inspired by the “millstone” theme which is the name of the new housing development where they are located.



The project started a few months ago when we travelled to Woodkirk stone quarry in Yorkshire to choose the 5 giant boulders. I then proceeded to flatten a face on each and then cut recesses into the 2 tonne stones for Julie to begin work on the mosaics. Over a period of weeks the mosaics were carefully crafted using thousands of tiles, with each boulder containing a different colour theme. Julie also created a stunning circular mill wheel in fibre glass that contained all of the colours of the 5 boulders. This week we installed the sculptures in their final location, either side of a footpath that cuts through the new development with the mill wheel the focal point at the end of the path.

The stones bring character to the route and a splash of welcome colour to the new development.