Image of the Naval Service Memorial taken on the Equinox

Thanks to Dave Evans for forwarding me this image of the Naval Service Memorial taken on the 22nd September. The memorial commemorates and celebrates the Naval Service and all of those associated with it. Commissioned by the Royal Naval Association, I worked on this project for over a year, eventually seeing it dedicated by Prince Michael of Kent in June 2014 at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. The piece is created with 13 giant sails of coloured glass, the colours inspired by the oceans. A lone sailor, carved in Kilkenny Limestone, stands at one side, head bowed, facing toward the red panel (the sunset) in respect of his shipmates. The key to this memorial sculpture though is in the reflected colours on the white granite terrace. They vary in length from month to month and for a short time around mid day, cast a shadow (in the negative shapes) of a warship.  I would suggest that the Autumn equinox is a perfect time to view the shadows as in the winter they can be too long to recognise the ship. Instead, you will be rewarded with a pool of vibrant blue colours to walk through. The Naval Service Memorial can be found at the centre of the Navy field at the National Memorial Arboretum.

Naval Service Memorial