I have begun working on a series of pieces for a project in the South Downs. Over the coming months I will be creating 8 new sculptures which will be situated in the rare and distinctive heathlands of the South Downs in East Sussex.

The new sculptures will focus on some of the bespoke aspects of each site and will range from letter carved inscriptions on giant boulders through to carved insects, sculptural seats and animals. Earlier in the year I spent a lot of time walking the heaths with rangers and then running stone carving workshops in nearby schools for inspiration and to raise awareness of the heathlands.

The sculptures that I have been working on so far have a slow worm lying on a bed of oak leaves and a rare field cricket. These are carved in Woodkirk sandstone. The completed collection of new sculptures will be transported and installed in their final locations around March 2019. Lots to do before then but a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile project.