The relief carving in sandstone to commemorate the 10th Battalion the Parachute Regiment is almost complete. I have been working since March on the 3 piece sculpture which captures images of the Regiment who spent 9 months in the villages near Somerby in Leicestershire during World War 2. The Regiment then took part in the doomed Operation Market Garden mission to try to capture and secure a number of strategic bridges near Arnhem in Holland. Sadly, of the 582 men who left Somerby, only a handful returned.

The relief carving in sandstone will be installed in the first week of September on a site just outside the village of Somerby, near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. The piece stands at 2m high and is over 6m in length. It is carved in relief on one face while the other contains the carved names of the fallen.

relief carving