I have just taken delivery of a number of blocks of stone which together will help to create a new giant sculpture.

The blocks of buff and red sandstone are assembled in layers but will be carved into one huge artwork measuring 3m x 2m x 1m high.  The total weight on delivery was probably around 16 tonnes but I anticipate it to be about half of that on completion. Work on the new giant sculpture should take 2 to 3 months but as ever, it is always tricky to judge how long something like this might take.

This will be the largest sculpture that I have worked on. The biggest single piece prior to this was a millennium sculpture that I made in Countesthorpe in Leicestershire which weighed about 7 tonnes. It was carved in an Italian blue granite. I also made “29 Flowers”, in Hathern, also in Leicestershire which weighed about 8 tonnes but this was made in 4 sections.

I will post more images of the giant sculpture as it emerges from the stone in the coming weeks. Luckily I know a few big potholes that require filling!

millennium sundial

The Millennium sculpture for Countesthorpe.

“29 Flowers”. Sited in Hathern in Leicestershire.

This may take some time. The new giant sculpture at my workshop.