The commemorative memorial that I have been working on since March is complete and sculpture installation will take place next week. The 3 piece bas relief Woodkirk sandstone carving is a tribute to the men of the 10th Battalion the Parachute Regiment, many of whom lost their lives in the 2nd World War during Operation Market Garden in Holland.

The sculpture will be called “The best of times during the worst of times”. One side of the artwork shows images of the soldiers during the time that they spent in the villages near Somerby in Leicestershire. The reverse side lists the names of the fallen and a description of the events that eventually led to decimation of the Regiment. The memorial sculpture is 6m long and 1.8m high and is carved from 3 blocks of Yorkshire sandstone. Installation will take place next week prior to the unveiling on Saturday the 7th of September by 2 veterans of the Regiment.