Rearsby roses installed

Carved stone roses  installed Driving through Leicestershire the other day, it was great to see that the carved stone roses that I carved for a new housing development had been installed. I worked on the 25 Rearsby Roses carvings early last year but they have only recently been fitted into the brickwork in the new [...]

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Scout Memorial leader emerges from the rock

Scout memorial latest I have been making good progress carving the first figure for the Scout Memorial which will be installed in the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire later this year. The figure is of a Scout leader, sitting up in his sleeping bag and he will be joined by 3 younger scouts, resting or [...]

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Bevin Boy wins British Empire medal

In 2011, a gentleman called Harry Parkes arrived at my workshop with a sketch of a memorial that he had in mind to commemorate the Bevin Boys that he wanted to erect at the National Memorial Arboretum. Harry explained that the Bevin Boys were young British men conscripted to work down the coal mines during [...]

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