As I come to the end of one project, so another begins. In the coming months I will be installing a new artwork for Regents Court Embankment in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. Over the last few weeks, I have been developing designs for the steep enbankment which can been seen from a considerable distance as you approach the town. Lutterworth was a bustling coaching town back in the day and it is this that I have chosen to reflect with the horses running into the town. The repeating pattern of the horses mirrors the buildings behind. The horses will be created from a white resin bound gravel. Over the last week I have been working in the schools in the town, introducing the artwork and running stone carving workshops which has been great fun. Well done to all of the kids who took part and thankyou to everyone who came to the presentation at the community college last night. It is an exciting project that will create a distinctive landmark gateway into the town.