I popped into Harbottle Park in Byker when I was in the North East recently and managed to get a few shots of the finished sculpture. The sculpture is raised on a bank in a childrens playground, between the stones in the distance is St. James’s Park, Newcastle Uniteds football ground while there are football pitches directly behind the sculpture. During the summer of last year, I held workshops in housing estates around the park and everyone who took part designed a face based on a moment during a football match that they had seen. I took their drawings away and carved them into the stones. There are some terrific images and loads to look at everytime you see the work. Certainly one of my quirkier sculptures but hopefully appropriate for the setting.

On a seperate note, it seems to be the time of year to be involved in workshops in schools. Over the next couple of weeks I will be working in Newton Burgoland Primary School and Watermead School in Leicestershire and also Sheffield Park Academy as part of a larger public art project. I will post images of the work made during the sessions on this blog. There is a pdf document on my main website www.chisel-it.co.uk which details how the workshops in schools can work.