Ancaster Limestone sculpurniture

I stumbled accross this picture the other day and thought I would pop it on the blog. It reminded me of the type of work I was making about 10 years ago, part sculpture, part garden furniture. I would regularly attend events like the Hampton Court Palace Flower show and the Country Living show, often away from home for a week or so setting up and exhibiting only to return to London a few days later and deliver all of the sales (if there were any). All of this with bits of rock that I could just about lump in and out of a back of a van, sometimes without even breaking them. All very hectic, exhausting and utterly demoralising because after all that, I generally found that the guy with the stand importing stone sculptures from China and selling them for tuppence  had made a killing while I generally went home with a bad back and an empty pocket. Thankfully, things have moved on since then and I usually find that I am able to work on a single large lump for days or weeks on end which I must say is very much more enjoyable. Hope you like the picture anyway. The pieces are carved from Ancaster Limestone. Other private commissions can be seen in the gallery section of my website at