I am pleased say that I will be attending the “Sock” show in Loughborough at the end of March. I have not been to a show like this for years so am looking forward to getting out of the workshop for a couple of days and meeting some real people! I will be there with my friend Damien who tinkers with a bit of lettercutting. Being as it is the “Sock” event, I will probably bring along my Portland Limestone Stocking Feet. This is one the finest sculptures I never made, as it was a proposal for a site in an East Midlands town, I wont say which town as I plan to have a moan about them in a future blog! The carving is of my wife Ruth’s feet, she often does a spot of modelling for such projects. Unfortunately, the sculpture, which would have been 2.5 metres tall was not chosen and thus I am left with the model, but a very nice model it is too. Come and see it at the “Sock” in Loughborough on the 27th and 28th of March.Feet sculpture