Lizards are known for staying still for long periods of time.

I was out and about  a couple of weeks back and passed close by to one of my old sculptures and decided to pop and see it. I am always a little aprehensive when I go and visit old work, I guess I am always a tad worried that someone has taken a dislike to it or that it wont have weathered well over time. Clients are often worried about graffiti on the artwork but I can honestly say that I have only had to remove graffitti on 2 sculptures in almost 15 years of making art in the public realm. Needless to say, I was was very pleased to see the Lizard basking in the long grass near Ansley Common in Warwickshire. The piece was part of the quarryman’s walk project about 5 years ago and the sandstone reptile has weathered well over time.

I am coming towards the end of the carving for All Saints school and will post some finished pictures over the next few days.