Caernarfon Sculptures Complete

The sculptures that I have been working on for Caernarfon castle over the past 2 years or so have been completed and installed. The stone sculptures are inspired by the craftsmen who would have worked on the castle, one of the finest examples of its type, built in the middle ages. On entering the castle, [...]

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Giant stone sculpture

I am making good progress on my latest giant stone sculpture. The sculpture takes the form of a giant pair of hands. It weighs in the region of around 8 tonnes having weighed in at a whopping 14 tonnes when it was delivered to my Leicestershire workshop in December. Despite the dreadful storms over the [...]

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Railway sculpture ready for install

The railway sculpture that I have been working on for a couple of months is due to be installed in the coming weeks. The stone sculpture, carved in relief weighs 5 tonnes, is almost 2m high and 2m wide. Inspiration for the artwork was taken from Leighton Buzzard light railway where the volunteers have sought [...]

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Stone seating for memorial project complete

Stone seating that will be sited close to the memorial for the 10th Battalion the Parachute Regiment is my first completed project of 2020. The side profiles of the 2 Woodkirk sandstone seats are inspired by the iconic nose shape of the Dakota airplane from which the Battalion would have leapt when they made their [...]

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Stonemasonry to end the year.

Stonemasonry to end the year. I have recently completed a number of stonemasonry projects to end 2019. It has been a busy year, much of has been taken up with work on the memorial for the 10th Battalion the Parachute Regiment which was installed in September. Recently I have completed a number of memorials including [...]

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Figurative sculpture almost finished

Figurative sculpture almost ready to go The figurative sculpture that I have been working on for the last few months is almost complete. It is destined for the industrial heart of the South Yorkshire City amidst the steel works and on the site of the former Brightside railway sidings. Click here to see a short [...]

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Time for a new sculpture

I have just begun work on a new project to create a huge human sundial. The giant sandstone clock will consist of a central stone on which a person will stand. On a sunny day their shadow will project in the direction of one of the 20 stones situated in a 15m diameter circle around [...]

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Stone seats perched at Melbourne Hall

I have just finished making and installing replacement benches for the stunning grounds of Melbourne Hall. The 2 semi circular perching seats sit elegantly either side of the lake in the grounds of the Melbourne Hall Estate in South Derbyshire. Fragments of the old stone seats were reassembled to help to recreate the original design. [...]

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Stone Roses together one last time !

The 25 relief carved stone roses that I have been working on for the last few weeks are now complete and ready for installation. They are to go into the walls of houses on a new development in Leicestershire on the site of the old Rearsby Roses Garden Centre. The 25 carvings are all different [...]

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