"Torn", not Tom

“Tom”, not “Torn”

This is a stone sculpture that I made back in around 2009, I drove past it the other day. It is in a village called Ansley in Warwickshire. I remember a meeting that I had with members of the local community to discuss potential themes for their sculpture at the time. There were so many ideas thrown at me that I decided that it would be impossible to single out any one of them to be the main theme of the sculpture. In the end, I decided to incorporate ALL of the ideas that were given to me into the sculpture, including imagery relating to ribbon weaving, coal mining, nature, the local brickworks etc. The focal point of the piece would be a young boy being torn between good and evil. This mimicked a small Norman carving which I found in the local church no bigger than a house brick. In the carving was a boy having his arms pulled by a dragon and a sheep. As a consequence, I decided that the sculpture should be called “Torn”. Unfortunately, this was misread on a number of occasions by the community as “Tom”, as they assumed this to be the name of the boy on the sculpture and the name stuck. So “Tom” it is.